Weird Week

I’ve been posting photos because I’m kind of lazy to blog but here it goes.

This week was too weird because it feels like a rollercoaster. First of, we had our Organizational Behavior and that was so exhausting. Good thing I managed to keep my self confidence and gladly, I heard so much positive feedback from the seminar we have. In fact, they told me I was graded the highest speaker for the event! Wow! Who would have thought? Most of my classmates said that I really got a great speech and I did well.

Over all, yesterday was a great and fulfilling day. After long days of hardwork, I only have to do Total Quality Management, Feasibility Studies and study on the Finals (wishing to be exempted!). But no matter what, I have to thank my Savior in guiding me.

Thank you everyone! Happy Smiles :)