Unspoken Words to Nine People

This is inspired by my favorite blogger

1. You’re one of the best guy-friend anyone could ask for and kudos for that. Thank you, too for being quirky and always understanding how my mind works. (I think that is because we both share the same zodiac sign)

2. I wish I could be the best you wanted me to be. I know I’m not perfect, God I know I’m not even close but I’m trying to be my best.

3. You. You’re the epitome of awesomeness. Everything I looked up to is you. You can do so much things and I adore you. I wonder why you are so perfect.

4. Hello. Please let go of the past. Though you tell me you’ve moved on, I see beyond your words. I know details about you so don’t hesitate sharing your true feelings on me. I understand you because I love you. And I’m willing to be in pain just for you to be happy.

5. Isn’t it a bit crazy I have a twin on the other side of the planet?

6. You’ve always been amazing and I wish I could keep you in my pocket.

7. I’m sorry for being this crazy. I’m sorry because I have offended you a lot of times. You know every detail of me, which I am thankful for. I have never met anyone like you who loves and cares for me.

8. You’re weird. Sometimes, we’re good most of the times we’re not. But still I’m glad you’re around.

9. Be true to yourself. I know you’re not that brave and you’re a creep on the internet. But, but.. I believe in you. And, let love grow. <3

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