Random Quotations from a Book beside My Bed

Know that in this world, there’s somebody who will always love you

I’m glad I got to know you..
..I’m glad I’m me knowing you

You change too. Not right away, but it happens.

I might be a dork but I’m a resourceful dork

It was like being at the bottom of the ocean, she said. There was no light and a whole ocean crushing down on you. But most people had gotten so used to it that they thought it’s normal, they forgot there’s a world above

I might have no one in the world, but at least I’m free

But like lovegirls everywhere, she had heard only what she wanted to hear

Write it later, bitch.

OK, people sucks.

Nothing more exhilirating (he wrote) than saving yourself by the simple act of waking up.

5:33am Nightmare

Wouln’t you hate dreams like this? The ones that wakes you up in the middle of your sleep, crying? The dreams, or perhaps nightmares that gets under your skin and stays there?

You wake up thinking and wishing those will never happen. You’re exhausted, paranoid of the future.

And its hard going back to sleep, because it may return and finish what it started.

The Tragic Repetition in Raz’ Life

There are things that even when you decide to let go, you’d still want to hold on to their strings. There are things that even if it’s gone, it feels like it is still around, and you realize that in the end without it, you change.

I’m trying my best to have a positive change- or at least, for the better.

Maybe its okay for us to be different once in a while. You know, sort of experience good and bad things. Not that I want to imply but it shapes us in becoming the right person we truly are. And maybe, changes are good. Temporary things and people will be gone sooner. Might as well know that I am standing on my own feet alone and that have always been that way since forever.

Stay? Or.. just go.. like everybody else does.