Here’s to the Weird Ones

I listen to classical music each time I write (just like now, a symphony.) And I match the song’s beat to my stories’ plots. I’m not trying to perfect every tune but I know it’ll all blend well.

All I want to say is, thank you. For the ones who read these nonsense clatters- my day-to-day brain-bleed-ideas. There are a lot of likes, and follows I have received and so being a blogger, that means a lot. I’ve been with WordPress in like.. 4 to 5 years?

It’s pretty insane to be a (frustrated) writer and I have written things I never ever thought I could write. It’s been a long ride and after a countless blog posts, I’ve been trying so hard to make my works better. Or yet, have my own voice.

I’ve been labeled as the geek, weird, out of this world but somebody gave me a new specification: Vintage.

I’m an old soul, I got it. I get things out of my head with too much adjective to describe how it really feels and looks like. I write silly things which could be influenced by Shakespeare (my man!), Tolstoy, Poe, Hugo, Murakami, Coelho, Green and a lot more. But even so, Jill said I don’t sound like them. I’d love to think of that as a compliment. Meaning, I could have my own voice in the writing world.

Creepy, huh? So tonight, this is for the weird ones who takes risks in being weird, being different.

Scream it out! Without some crazy ideas, the world is a dull place.

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