My Missing Piece (Part 1)

This is a fiction, a product of my brain. Any resemblance to any characters and scenes are purely in-coincidental. The book, though, is real and the inspiration of this story. 


Hazel looked at her wristwatch closely. It says 10:11 am. Her mind is twisted from all the chaos of her recent relationship with Adam, the center forward of their university’s football team. Not anyone can have their love life written by Nicholas Sparks. Adam is such a jerk and for sure, Sparks wouldn’t want that character ruin the story but hers was a disaster. It turns out, Adam was just messing up with her for just a silly bet. She thought she was in a fairy tale. The usual plot when a chiseled, rugged, godly-athletic heartthrob steal her heart, and make her feel butterflies in her tummy- a nerdy, bookworm whose weekends are spent at her bed, spotting good quotes from Shakespeare’s sonnets or reciting lines from The Breakfast Club. His friends made a funny game with her and bet that Adam would make her fall in love with him for $50. Does she cost that little? It broke her poor, tiny, nineteen year-old heart and cried for days until her eyes can do no more.

It is ordinary sunny Friday morning that is spent at a local bookshop. She headed out of her dorm for a walk. Desperate to find an author that is required by her Literature professor, she invaded the dusty classic section trying to grab the book and go home because she might miss her old bed in her old dorm at her old university building.

There it is! Behind the newly printed copies of Harry Potter, there’s a cover photo of a children’s book called The Missing Piece. It was a plain, white hardbound book. “Is it a children’s book?” she asked herself. “I came all this way for a children’s book?” Weird, she thought. Her professor tasked her to read this and make a book review about it. A silly, illustrated children’s book!

“..Oh, whatever.” she shrugged.

She extended her arms to get it but in a split of a second, the book was taken away from the shelf. A boy, probably her age grabbed it and flipped the pages. He was wearing a black checkered shirt and faded jeans.

“Uhm..” was the only word that she said.

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