My Missing Piece (Part 2)

If you need to read the first part of my story, click

“..Oh, whatever.” she shrugged.

She extended her arms to get it but in a split of a second, the book was taken away from the shelf. A boy, probably her age grabbed it and flipped the pages. He was wearing a black checkered shirt and faded jeans.

“Uhm..” was the only word that she said.

The stranger looked at her. He had green eyes but it seemed to be troubled. “Can I help you?” he asked politely.

“I saw that book first and I need it badly now” she explained, pointing at the Missing Piece.
“I’m sorry. I got this book first and I need it so badly too. I have to do a review from this.” the boy said, stressing badly.

“Funny. I need that too. Are you from James University? Because you might be talking about Professor Smith, you know.. the mean, old man?”

“Yeah. You know him? You from the univ?” he asked – still holding the book, grinning. Then later they laughed, remembering his Professor’s silly class policies.

Hazel could see his eyes glowing, as if interested in things that only laughter could connect.

“He’s my Literature professor. We have to make a review about different books. Don’t want to flunk. Haha.” She joked.

“..guess we can’t split this up. This is the last copy. I asked the lady from the counter.” He looked at the book closely.

Then suddenly everything sinked. She felt like she was being robbed. It a fine Friday and it’s only midday, for god’s sake. She went back to earth after she heard the stranger muttered something.

“..uhh, what was that?” she asked, she didn’t heard what he said.

“I was wondering if I could buy this and we both read this. There’s a nearby coffee shop. I.. I mean, do you have time?” he offered.

Her bed will be missed but heck, she sighed and said yes. “This will only go for an hour or so” Hazel reminded herself.

After a few moments, they were on a coffee shop ordering sandwiches.

“Thank you!” Hazel said as the waitress gave her sandwich and a milkshake.

“What is your name?”, asked the boy who is ready to take a bite on his burger.

Hazel, surprised with the question, looked at the stranger with questioning eyes.

“Uh, I thought we are just supposed to read the book and part ways? I don’t think we need to..”

“Yeah, right! Right.” The stranger interrupted her.

It wasn’t her fault. Any contact to the other people might kill her. She’s still on the drama with Adam and she’s not ready yet. Hazel isn’t sure of everyone around her anymore this time. And for sure, she’s the school’s laugh stock. Everybody knows her thing with Adam.

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