Someone’s First

The story below is a work of fiction.

© razenraz 2013


“It isn’t working, Emma.” The longest silence I heard followed.

“Is it about me working nonstop that we barely see each other? Because if that is it, I could totally change shift right away an-” Emma blurted, almost crying.

“No. It isn’t about the quality time. Well, not just about that. I think, we’re growing apar-” He interrupted.

“But Tommy,” She said, her voice cracking “I know this is just a stupid time. I mean, we’re okay, right? We’ll just figure this out. You love me, I love you. What’s the worst that could happen?”

“Emma..” He said, looking down.

If they are not at the restaurant right now, she would have cried loud but she managed to keep her composture. She isn’t gonna show the world how weak she is- maybe not this time.

“Is there somebody else?” Her eyes were asking but Tommy gave no response.

He just gave a short look at her and took her hand.

“Because if there is, you could tell me. Is it Andrea? Or someone else from your office? Sheila? Patri-” She suddenly stopped.

“It’s Patricia.” Tommy blurted out, still holding her hand hard.

Maybe he’s scared too, that Emma would cry loudly in front of him in this restaurant.

“Look, we’re having such a great time and then came your promotion..” He explained

‘Oh, my promotion’ she thought to herself. This is unreal.

“..and you started having this crazy shift from the hospital and you have this working thing in you that makes you emotional!” Tommy said, trying to be clear.

“Are you serious? You know I have to work so hard for my patients. Their lives depend on me!” She felt terrible and she’s beginning to sob.

As she reached for her tissue, Tommy said “How about my life? How about our lives? We’re going nowhere, Emma and I’m sick of it.” Tommy is almost whisphering.

“But this isn’t the right time to break up with me, I’m having a really hard time at work and I need you. I love you, Tommy. Why are you doing this to me?” She didn’t care if she’s humilated anymore, this is their relationship that’s sinking.

“I know Em, and I’m sorry. But, we never have great time since then.”

‘You’re overreacting!’ She almost shouted, but she kept it to herself.

“We’re having a great time now- eating, drinking wine, like we used to.”

“That’s the problem. We planned for this dinner three months ago and look, we didn’t even have the time to celebrate Valentines this year.”

“You know we are supposed to facilitate the blood-letting activity, Tommy.” Now, she’s crying.

“Don’t cry, Emma.” Tommy comforted her.

A woman in her early thirties looked at them and gave a pitiful look. She might thought they’re breaking up but hey, Tommy is breaking up
with her and that’s the painful truth.

“What about Patricia?” Emma asked.

“Oh, well..”

“I really thought you were beside me everyday and little did I know, you were with somebody else.” Her make-up is ruined.

But Tommy didn’t say a thing. He must be guilty.

“All the three years and seven months? Wasted just because I work hard for the past year just to try to earn money so that we can secure our future? I mean, man! Everyday, I really want to stay with you but I will perform a heart surgery to a girl or to an old lady with a bad hip and it scares me knowing her life depends on me. Ineed inspiration, Tommy and you were my inspiration. But now knowing that you don’t feel the same, I feel sick. Damn, I loved you for as long as I can remember.”

Tommy haven’t said anything yet.

“You know what? Good luck on your future with Patricia, my best friend from Med School. I deserve to be someone’s first.”

She took her purse and got up.

“I.. I’m sorry, Emma.” Tommy said, without looking at her.

“No, I’m sorry that I wasted too much time on you.”