Late Night Drives Around Town

The last thing I remembered was the streetlights. Gleaming, emitting light that shines the dark roads. Almost blurry, almost non-existent.

I closed my eyes and felt the air kissing my cheek. At 2:41AM, the New Orleans was in deep sleep. The marks of the Mardi gras last night could still be seen. All the pretty necklaces, colorful flags, all the glitters scattered on the road. The blinding happiness, imagery of curving smiles and half-empty glasses are left around the corner, unminded. Now the whole city whispers a deafening sound.

Darkness covered the way but the streetlights guided me. I’m not certain to which directions I’m going but I’ll get there. Where? I don’t know. But maybe I’ll find out when I’m there, where my heart takes me.

The cold air reminded me of November nights. I drive around town at night that time too, just to get some questions answered, but those questions never had answers. I guess who was I that time was still me- although I’ve grown older. Wanting to just finish the race and never look back. I guess when it comes to issues, we are all children who just want everything to be resolved but the thing is, at one time we need to face whatever the truth is. We are haunted by troubles, never-ending inside wars. We pretend to be reckless; the wild youth when all we want to be is get out of the emptiness and destroy the corrupted pigments of our brains.

I drive around to find answers- or maybe to find myself. Find myself and stick with it.

I don’t know where I’m going. The streetlights will guide me.

I don’t know where I’m going. But if I’m breathing, I’m still a lucky one.

© razenraz 2013

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