An unfinished list of times I fell in love with you

You fell asleep in my lap and the ache in my neck wouldn’t stop me from letting you sleep, so I left the lights and the tv on while I ran my fingers through your hair. I fell in love that night, but didn’t have the courage to tell you. Every time you whispered those words in my ear, too faint for me to hear, I knew what you were saying. I knew you were just as nervous to say it.

We were wrestling in the living room and you pinned me down on the couch. You asked me a set of questions, and then asked me if I loved you; I replied ‘yes’ without hesitation and felt my face turn red. You kissed me.

Sometimes you sit in my passenger seat and sing a thousand songs. We are just parked in my driveway and it’s the only alone time we get together. I sit there silently and watch you as a smile quickly forms on my lips. You are gorgeous.

You were laying on my bed in the middle of the day with your arms wrapped around me. We were both on our phones reciting our favorite childhood tv shows to one another. You kept kissing my forehead and I swore I would never leave my room again.

We were outside playing with your baby brother. He trusts you completely. All I can think is that your kind heart is a rarity, and I want my children to have your blue eyes. You miss him when you’re away from home. I don’t like taking you away from your family, but I’m selfish.

You held me on the nights my parents tore me apart and kissed my hair until I stopped crying. You blew raspberries into my neck to make me laugh and watched netflix with me to ease my mind. We fell asleep on the couch together.

You woke up in the middle of the night and crawled over to my side of the bed. You fell asleep on my chest, curled against my side. I didn’t sleep for two hours because I didn’t want to miss a single second that I got to hold you in my arms.

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