If I were a guy

I’d fall inlove with a low-profile modern lady who knows how to curse bad but looks fuckin’ classy even if she acts like a sailor. I’d fall inlove with a someone who chooses to eat a big-ass burger and not care so much of her imperfections, or her own quirks, and weaknesses.

I’d fall inlove with anybody who’s honest, kind of a boyish type, too. But someone who squeals and jumps right at me when she gets a little excited. That’d be contradicting but I’m pretty sure I’ll find that beautiful.

I’d fall inlove with someone who can drink a bottle of beer straight but has that cute ability to help carry me around & let me cling on her shoulder when I get severely wasted first.

I’d fall inlove with a bitch, someone who gets mad and is ready to punch me in the face when I act like a stupid jerk. Now, that’s a turn on.

But that’s the problem, I’m not a dude. Damn it.

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