Almost a year ago, you are one of the people I hated the most. I could kill you in my brain, hate your guts to death and just wish that you’d disappear.

Six months later, you were just a name. A regular person I see everyday. Somebody at the office – a friend I could talk to casually.

But now,  you’re the only face I could see on a huge crowd. My brain bleeds your name. My heart beats faster whenever you’re next to me and I got the zoo in my tummy whenever you smile.

I don’t know what happened. It just occurred to me one October morning. We are laughing like what good friends do on a daily basis and you suddenly smiled at me. And I got stuck at my seat staring at you. It’s right there and then that I realized I have fallen irrevocably in-love with you.

Call it magic, but it’s true.

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