Twenty One

It just occurred to me, am I that old? Why do I feel like I’m still a kid?

Two decades. I have been on this troposphere for goddamn two decades and as what wise people always suggests the younger generation, I should leave a mark. Do you think I’m losing time?

For the last three years or so, I have been blogging/writing on my diary thoughts on my older self on the eve of my birthday. I think I shall continue that because it’s fun to read things after months of putting away my notebooks and just finding it unintentionally. The letters of my younger self are so pure and innocent, like I needed to be a superhero of some kind.

What I’m saying is, being twenty one (will be, soon) is like jumping off a cliff blindfolded. It’s scary, heck it’s mind boggling- I don’t know what to do, don’t know if there are people who’d jump off with me, don’t know when will I land or if I’m lucky, will still be alive as I touch the ground. But the eagerness of life is there- the wind that kisses my cheek, the only pleasure in all things.

But honestly, I need to figure out so many things in life. I guess real life happen. No kidding- there are no fairytales and you have to be your own legend!

2 thoughts on “Twenty One

  1. You are still young and you have your whole life in front of you. Just enjoy and dont stress too much ;) Happy 21st bday!

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