This Love’s a Hurricane

For the first week of February this year, I promised myself to focus on work, choose a healthier diet, push myself to a better understandings of Faith, and never again to fall in love or should I say, go back to my old romances.

It went well for a few days. I ignored him even though his face is on me most of the times. I don’t start conversations when I know it would concern him and I started feeling good knowing I am on control. But it all crashes down when he started playing my games on me. I noticed he wouldn’t talk to me as often, when I’m around he’s too awkward and only speaks to me when I tell him something first. Ofcourse, this should make me happy. This is what I want in the first place. To burn the old book and start a new one. But alas, the heavens are playing jokes on me. I went through all these craps and at the end of the day, he is all that I think about.

This Love is a bitch. It makes me want to eat my eyes out whenever I see other people surrounding him. I hate seeing him smile as it should only be me who makes him laugh. He’s the most precious color I see every time. He’s the sunshine that kisses my face every day. He’s the second of every moment I run after.

Should I dare talk to him? Will he reject me? Oh heavens, please answer.

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