Discovering the Secrets of the Universe

It’s no secret I love books. I loved reading, endlessly devouring their words as if its my nourishment. And it’s no denying a lot of fictional characters defined my life. They have changed the way I think, the way I see the world and the way that I feel. Sometimes, these non-existing persons are more tangible than most of the humans who walk on this earth.

I was on leave today. I craved having a day to myself ever since I rendered a two-week overtime at work. And finally, I get the chance to read my books. I specifically picked up Aristotle and Dante. I heard so many good reviews about it plus I am in love with the illustration of the book! It is so beautiful. But really, what made it beautiful was the story. I tried not searching about its wikipedia page because I want the story to surprise me and I really am happy I got a copy of this amazing book.

Ari was lost, Dante has his ways. Ari does not know a lot about sports, Dante is so good with swimming. Ari is melancholic, Dante seems to carry the sunshine with him. They are different but they clicked. As you may have guessed, this book is about two teenage boys who are worlds apart but built a relationship with friendship and it went deeper. They may have not known what the future holds, but everything is so immensely planned. There was a line that says, “Sometimes you act not because you think but because you feel”.

Exploring what they feel through their own words gave me a bit of a heartache because somewhere between the lines, I share their misery. I felt a bolt of thunder every time they say things I am completely aware of. Thats what I really liked about books. They tell things I never want to say out loud.

With the last few chapters, I probably scared my brother who was in the same room with me when I panic and scream and laugh as I read.

What have I learned with this story? That love is somewhere out there. All the secrets you are searching for is just in front of you. And you just have to accept.

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