A Love Story

If you’ve been reading my blog for the past two years or so, there is a common topic that I love to write about. I just wrote it, ‘Love’. All these times I write about certain people and how they affect my daily life. Some of them likes me back, others just don’t. But one thing is for certain. I never stop loving- not only in romantic way but in loving life, in general.

For the past months, I have known God deeper. Yes, I still sin, I do bad things and I’m pretty sure I am not sparkly white clean. But despite all of these mess, I am a Child if God.

He loves me and never leaves me. He loves me even when I ignore Him. He loves me even more when I talk to Him about my day. He loves me so much that He died on the cross! He chose to save my soul and give up His life for me to be rescued. And for that, I am saved.

Today, I attended a weekly worship called The Feast and when Bo. Monching gave his talk, I found myself crying. But those are happy tears because though him and the people around me, I felt God. And that’s a great way to feel His presence.

I was ever the good girl. In fact, I am selfish, stubborn and easily discouraged. But now that I open myself to God’s scandalous grace, by His help, I know that I will be selfless, obedient and a blessing to others.

I tried looking for a better word, but today, I felt Peace. I love you, Lord!

(And oh, Bo. Monching gave me a hug when I met him outside the ministry. I thanked hima couple of times for making me cry)

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