Things to remind myself

No one ever matured from living a perfect life. Mistakes are meant to teach us lessons the hard way. I’ve fucked up so much and it’s been hard to face the reality of my actions, but my life is not an open forum nor it is an open book. I don’t have the answers and I won’t always know if I’m headed the right direction, but I’m going to learn what works for me. I’ve hurt some people along the way, but reflecting has brought me across people that have done the same. I can’t hurt because I’ve been hurt and I can’t act recklessly just because. It’s simply time for me to grow up and accept and learn from these lessons brought the hard way.

The truth is, I can’t always be strong. And being weak does not mean I will lose. I can be so vulnerable but accepting the fact that I can’t always be on the right track could always get me to the perfect destination I am supposed to go. A lot of times I get scared of knowing what the future holds and what I could give me; but as time goes on, I am finally realizing that I am the past, the present and the future. No one can ever dictate what is meant to happen because whatever it is, it has been decided since the universe began.

All we could do is hold on to our dreams and never let go of hope. That’s what get us there.

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