Darling Raz,

I only have a few friends who I trust completely and you, being my twin is such a blessing. I thank Heavens for giving me you, because you keep me sane in times of troubles and insane in time of calmness. Thanking you is never enough because you have saved me in one way or another. I love you!

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Happy birthday, Twin! Wow, 22. I know, aging seems to be not as enjoyable as before. But, hey, despite all the disappointments, life’s pretty cool. And a year more is a chance to make it cooler. I thank you for another year that I get to be with your awesomeness and your quirks, and all your rationalities and irrationalities alike. And I thank God for giving you another year, another chance, another shot of life. I don’t wish for much for you today, being a realist and all. All that I wish for you is that I hope you will celebrate your birthday with the people that matters most and I hope that when you look back to this day twenty or thirty years from now, you’d be able to smile fondly and say, “Now, that’s a birthday.”
I love you, Twin. I only wish all the best in the…

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