Darling Jill

A Harry Potter Inspired GiftFinal Packaging

Guess what we’re celebrating! Your birthday! Hurrahh! Happy happy birthday, Twin! The whole Hogwarts appreciates all your contributions in defending the school from Dementors! And look! Gryffindors are cheering for you! You’re one of the bravest (fought villains to protect our otters and turtles), smartest (got the same marks on finals as Hermy), and kindest (loved by everyone!) person I know. And really, your existence should be celebrated. Harry and Ron and Hermione are with me whispering greetings that I should say to you. Harry said, “Tell her she could be a great Auror! And a happy birthday”. Ron, ever the laugh, just cannot speak right whist eating a big cake decorated by Hermione, who is so sweet. She wants to extend hugs to you, too! And here’s Fred and George. they handed me a gift but little did I know this is one of their pranks!! Confetti and dragon scales! We’re really happy for you, Jill! And hey, expect an owl post later today, okay?

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