Secondary Colors.


You were red and you liked me ’cause I was blue

You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky

And you decided purple just wasn’t for you

In grade school, my art teacher taught me that when two basic colors were combined, they produce another shade. Red and Blue is Purple, Red and Yellow is Orange, Yellow and Blue is Green. In a seven year old mind, these colors are just mere names that should be memorized so when the next day a pop quiz surprise the unwilling and lazy heads of the whole class, I won’t be like those kids who would stare at the ceilings until their names were called by the horrific teacher and return to the bitter reality.

Fifteen years later, I realized that colors meant so much more. Red is love, Yellow is warmth, Blue is calmness. The primary colors are basic forms of shades so what more could they produce when they wrap their arms together?

The mind is a vast collection of ideas which prompts us to adapt to everything, even other human’s minds. When two beautiful minds collide, I believe they create something much more wonderful, and they reflect on each other’s shades.

He was Red. A teenage kind of fire that burns every lady’s’ hearts as he passes by. And I was a deep Blue. A peculiar kind of girl whose sentiments are like abstract painting that will only be understood by the willing soul.

He was Red, and he liked me because I was Blue.

He touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky-

And he decided purple wasn’t for him.

We were opposites. But for some reason, loving him seemed inevitable then. Some days I would think our shades got lost in the transit of spectrum. Dusts of his paints are all over my skin until now and all his redness are blood from biting my lip until all the silent tears are gone in the dead of the night. Never would I understand why a shade of Red affects me in ways I should be comfortable with. Maybe because the remnants of my unrequited love still lingers? I lost my self in fear of losing somebody I never had.

Today, all the Purple marks on my body are like the galaxies in the universe. I was lost in my own head. I should have known better than to set up camp in some else’s heart. But like a kaleidoscope, life turned out to be fine. I just need to go to the basic. Red, Yellow and Blue.

I needed a Yellow to bring warmth to my cold bones- to go places and feel the excitement and rush of the city’s endless capabilities. I found a Yellow and now, days are brighter through her light.

See, combining differences is a crazy thing to do. You strip off their masks and see the humanity in them. You embrace their every pigment until you feel your hearts beat as one. Not all shades are pretty, but they make the world see another color. One may be an ugly preference, but to the other it may be the best and if not, the perfect tone – you just have to find the right color, the right paint, the right brush to make the best spectrum.

And if everything does not make sense at all, go to the basic and find yourself.

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