What Makes You Happy?

Gilbert Keith Chesterson, a lay theologian, said “There are two ways to get enough: one is to continue to accumulate more and more. And the other is to desire less”. Happiness is hard to attain if we set a high standard. We tend to get sulky when we don’t always get what we want resulting to disappointment. In a modern life and living, we need to take a step back and evaluate the things that we have and appreciate them rather than wanting more and taking the other things in life that we already have for granted. In Psalms 62:10, it says “If riches increase, set not your heart on them”. This simply means that we should not make earthly materials be the center of our lives because there are more that God can provide.

Bro. Velden’s talk last Saturday is about TOYS and its prescriptions:

  1. DELIGHT – Simplify your rules of happiness.

Here’s the truth: Sometimes in life, just because we have earned a little more money, we tend to raise our standard of happiness. No, it’s never a sin to be proud of whatever money you have earned and to travel to beautiful places all over the world. It’s just that when you’re just at home and the sun is shining and you’re still breathing, you have to be happy as well. Why do we have to make it difficult for ourselves to be happy, honestly? Way back as kids, we’re already happy just to get into Jollibee for lunch after attending the church at Sunday and be with our family or just a little walk around the park nearby. Nowadays, we long for more expensive restaurants and gymnasiums. Simplifying is all about increasing your source of happiness. Yes we create our rules of happiness but the problem is some people choose to make it complicated. It’s like we’re depriving ourselves for pleasures that apparently, we already have. Focus on what you have, not what you don’t have as we only need so much.

Today, as long as I have written a few paragraphs for my blog, read a chapter or two from a good book, or talk to my favorite people on earth over the phone or coffee discussing what our days are like, I feel like I have a complete day and I’m happy with that.


  1. DEFINE – You are not an owner but a borrower.

Every day, we have to realize that whatever we have in our pockets right now, they all belong to our righteous Lord. The painful truth is when we have money, we act arrogant. Why? Because in our minds, we think that we rightfully earned those money through our sweat and knowledge and our long hours at the office. But come to think about it: who gave you your strength, your brain and your breath? Everything- as in everything belongs to Him and we’re mere borrowers for a purpose. He entrusted us with His wealth and we have to ever be thankful that God lent us His prosperity for better things. And so in everyday of our lives we have to pray to how God wants us to be a channel of blessing.

  1. DETATCH – Don’t let your money possess you.

In James 4:14, it says “Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes”.

This beautiful passage teaches us that whatever wealth we have on earth, we can hold it in our hands but never in our hearts. I’ve read about people who are so attached with their money and treat it as their god but they live a miserable life. Why? Because the fact is, they don’t own their money but the money owns them. All the money in their wallets won’t bring them even a nanosecond of happiness.

  1. DIVERSIFY – Exchange earthly currency to eternal currency.

Our earthy currency such as our money, cars, houses, jewelries – all of them will turn into dust. They will all be worthless. And in the end, there’s a thing that’s the greatest among all and that is LOVE. All our earthly currency, if possible, should be exchanged to eternal currency. How? You have to love other people. Give away as much love as you can. Because in the end, the only toy you can keep is the toy you gave away.

I am so amazed with people who love with all of their hearts. People who are not afraid of giving and sharing what they have. But why do they do that? Because love is sacrifice. We work harder than ever, we study all night, and we push ourselves to our limits and everything does not matter because we want to express our love. We put aside ourselves and make our family, friends and love ones our priority and give everything to them and ensure that they’re all happy. But we don’t feel tired in loving them because at the end of the day, their happiness is our happiness. Just like Jesus who took the entire burden by saving us from our sins and dying on the cross, He gave up his earthly body for all of us in exchange of eternal currency which is LOVE. And if we have God’s love, we have more than enough. ♥

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