The Seven Guys You’ll Fall in Love With


Monday is the kind of guy whose best suit attracts you the most. He’ll make you think about him nonstop and sometimes, it’s not always a good feeling. But somehow, you’ll always end up bumping into him on a street corner whether you like it or not. He’ll push you to your limits and point your flaws so both of you could fit like a puzzle together. He’ll hit you like a shitload of bricks and you will realize he has a lot going on in his life and he’s ultimately concerned with fixing what’s broken rather than celebrating what’s already a piece of art.


You probably won’t remember his name after the heartbreak he caused you. Tuesday is your childhood sweetheart, the one who made you believe in fairy tales and happy endings. The put silly smile on your face after he drop you off to your house at ten in the evening after a cozy dinner at a local restaurant. But like most heartbreaks, you might wish to forget him and his stupid face and his stupid voice and his stupidity. Your poor heart can only take so much. And the more you tell yourself to get over him; he’s like a tattooed arrow in your heart you can’t get rid of. You remember his name – you just choose not to remember him.


After the tragic incident with Tuesday, you dust off his fingerprint on your skin with the help of Wednesday. Not only he’s the perfect back up plan, but he also makes you feel all the butterflies inside your tummy. He understands you like the palm of his hands and you wonder why you fall in love with him as hard as this. He writes you poems about love and sings to you all the melodies you adore. It was almost perfect. But one day, it all fades away. In just a snap, all the romance is gone; all the butterflies are out of the cage and few where you cannot follow. He fell in love with someone else.


Just when you’re about to give up and close your heart, Thursday saves you. He’s the kind of somebody who you feel is your soulmate. Once in a while we stumble on people like Thursday – you both like the same music and the same cartoons. You both hate raisins and pineapples on pizza. Thursday is your best friend.  You could talk nonsense for hours and even stay in line after all the stories about each other’s day were told listening to each other’s breathing through the phone. But this is the hardest part of it all. He is your best friend and once you make a move you’ll either get it all or lose everything and you cannot risk that. In the end, you step back and tell yourself that maybe you’re better off as friends.


Friday is a perfect 10. You cannot wait to see him and you can’t seem to get enough of him. You want Friday around all the time. You get attached to him. You go to bars late night and drink vodka and you think, “Man! This is life!” He is a burst of sunshine and morphine and as cute as a button in your eyes but when you feel like you’re hallucinating from all the alcohol you’ve been drinking, you urge him to take you home but he ignore you and almost don’t recognize you. So you walk alone with a vomit-stained little black dress back to your apartment while he drinks the night away with his friends. While in bed, you had a second to reevaluate your relationship with him and you realize that in life, you need someone who will take you home, not abandon you in the alley when you’re clearly drunk. And that’s the start of then end with Friday.


Months after months, you hesitate falling in love again. You hate pouring out your feelings to other people knowing that after all your heartaches, it is impossible to find somebody who will stay. But surprisingly, Saturday stays. He is there when Monday crashes your dreams. He picked up all the broken pieces even when he hurt himself in return. He is there when Tuesday marked you as his and he tried his very best to replace the tattooed arrows in your heart with gently wings hoping that one day, your heart will break free. He is there when Wednesday serenade you with flowers and he comforted you with all he can just to make you stop from crying. He is there when you and Thursday gave up on love. He wished he could have yours, after all. He is there when Friday ignored you, but he cannot take you home. He does not know you that much. And you will realize that no matter how Saturday shows you that he cares and loves you, you cannot reciprocate that kind of affection towards him. You love him as a person, sure. But you’re not in-love with this guy. You try your best, God knows you tried giving him a chance. But it wasn’t there. No sparks. No glitters. Nothing at all. Maybe it’s not really working out with him. Should we blame time?  Or perhaps destiny? We’ll never know.


You know when you meet someone and you think, “Where have you been all these crazy times?”. And you just shake your head and let out a smirk knowing that God reserving this person for you. That’s Sunday. Aren’t we all rushing through Mondays to Saturdays just to go to Sunday? You realize he’s not perfect. But he is perfect amount of all the rights and wrongs and you love him for that. You fight. But you fight because you care and you both understand that you’re both fighting to make things work. You’re happy just to watch him watch funny Youtube videos than the actual video. He’s so stunning that just watching him react to a show is more than enough entertainment for you. Sunday give you déjà vu. It’s an uncanny sensation but it feels like you have met him before. And he’s the person you cannot wait to go home after an exhausting day at work. With Sunday, you can just be yourself with no pretentions. He is your worst enemy and your biggest fan. Sunday makes you feel like the universe outsmarted you for going through all the heartaches before receiving the grand prize. All the secret dots are now making sense. All the secrets arrows are pointing to this certain somebody and you just feel so contented. But let me remind you, it will take time before you meet Sunday. It may take years to even see him and be with him. Just be patient, okay? All good things come to people who wait and it will all be worth it.

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