The Late Birthday Post Part 2: The Other Gemini’s Awesomeness

I’ve read this just today. Well, I can’t thank you enough for your kind words.
And yes, making up sneaky plans with Joan is the best. I love you too!

Sick Cycle Carousel

I had to wait for Joan til 9pm. I was getting worried, sitting there at 711, sipping cold milk tea, because she’s coming from her 7pm class in Lipa and it was raining. At 9pm she arrived at our meeting place and as we were eating, she presented me a box covered in brown wrapping paper and tied with brown string or whatever you call it. I opened it whilst Joan was babbling that it wasn’t from her, that it was from Twin and I had to restrain myself from tearing the whole box apart to see what Twin sent me. She had been very cryptic and giddy the following weeks so I was up in stitches guessing what she might be planning. I was beyond surprised that she contacted Joan for this surprise. I opened the box, and lo and behold,

HARRY POTTER GOODIES! There’s an acceptance letter, a…

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