How was 2015?

To sum up, I could say for a fact that I’ve grown a lot this year. Being 22 is almost cathartic and insane. I have met a lot of new people, got to know new things and indulged myself to tons of books!

2015 gave me memories and lessons. I know I am still so immature about all my problems and I feel like I’m a drama queen considering that compared to all my friends, I worry about the littlest thing. I got my heartbroken quite a few times but there are people who helped me fixed it back again (teehee). Nonetheless, I’ve encountered so much that made my life so fucking amazing.

To list a few of the *firsts* I’ve made and experienced this year:

-Became a part of a Media Group and published articles on print!
-Officially became a *blogger* for a Ministry website
-First hike on Mt. Gulugod Baboy with my bestfriends and new found friends
-Wore a dress!
-Wore a skirt!
-Rode a bike and motorcyle (this shit is so scary)
-Eliminate my fear of public jeepneys (I travel to work in the morning through jeepneys now)

Those are just a few that I could think of but in the coming 2016, my bestfriend gave me a Wreck This Journal book which I’ll start in January. I’m so excited with that plan because I’ve been drooling over art and crafts since forever. Maybe with this book, it’ll trigger my inner creativity *crossfingers*

I hope I’ll be leaving 2015 with a bang and start 2016 with a hope that I’ll be better and wiser. More than that I hope I’ll be more active with my faith and show and myself that I am worthy.

And if you’re reading this, thank you.

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