Here it is. Sundays at the office.

Surprisingly though, I don’t feel sulky nor mad that I’m spending my precious time in here. Maybe because I know I could have a good productivity today? (Nah, you’ll have Tumblr, WordPress and Facebook to disturb you)

As far as 2016 goes, January has been good to me over all. I’ve come to realize that whatever I do affects my daily thoughts and so I have to filter my mind and erase all the clutters and negativity in my system. It helps that there are a couple of people who I could talk to freely and advice me to whatever I should do.

This month, I would be travelling and going to a lot of places. Every weekend is packed with surprises and even though my savings are a bit low, I keep on telling myself that it’s better to go and have experiences now that I’m still 22 and yeah, still young. I have a whole world that I should discover and money (or lack thereof), should not hold me back.

So in between Twitter rants and inhaling a good amount of ocean air in the following days and weeks, I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy whatever this year brings to me.

So long!

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