November 2

Maybe there will be nothing more between us. You see me just as a friend, and I- I see you as a galaxy and perhaps, the Milky Way. 

You have the most intriguing brown eyes and I melt each time you look at me. Do you ever hear my heartbeat every time our skins touch? I swear it’s a riot inside me. It drums so loud I could orchestrate a band whenever you’re with me. 

I haven’t been sleeping much lately. My mind is occupied with the idea of you. Some people tell me I should get over the idea of us, but how can I possibly forget someone like you? I could listen to your laugh the whole day and miss you even when you’re around. This love I’m feeling is tricky, it will leave me devastated. 

I will never tell you that I like it when you smile. You lighten up the room and that is a special talent. I will never tell you that I like you. Because I’m afraid of rejections and the possibility that you will just smile at me and that smile will forever be in my mind as a negative picture. 

I’m afraid of heartbreaks. Each time that I think somebody will crush my being, I run. But this moment, I am staying. It’s crazy, I know. You will never look at me like you look at those pretty skies on your way home. You will never talk to me like those people you adore. You will never care for me like you cared for her. 

It’s a sad, sad world. 

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