Cheers to you, 2017. 

Here’s to all the heartaches, disappointments and failures I’ve been through this year. At last, goodbye. 

I’m letting go of it all because I am finally accepting that I’m not perfect and I can’t have it all. As much as I want to believe that life is a fairytale, it isn’t. It has all the bumps and turns and holes on the road. Lately, I have been dealing with overflowing thoughts about a lot of things. But here are some of my realizations this year: 

Let life surprise you. This year, I challenged the universe by doing this that I don’t normally do. I resigned from my previous work after being there for three years! And what I have right now is so much better. I miss my friends, tho. But we are all keeping in touch. 

The people you think won’t ever leave you won’t be there forever. Enough said. 

Follow your passion. Being a part of Media Team as a writer for a Catholic gathering is such a blessing. 

Surround yourself with friends who brings out the best in you. 

Take care of your heart. Do not expect, it is a way of dying.  

So long, 2016!!! 

December 20th


Months went by too fast. Time flew by so quickly. Has it been six months since I met you? 

I read a quote awhile back that says when you still got a crush on somebody for more than three months, maybe it’s more than a crush.

So, what do we have here? 
Recently, we hung out a little too much than anybody else. We meet up occasionally with friends. We go to places we’ve never been. We spend time together almost too often. 
It’s not rocket science. You don’t have to be that smart to notice that I like you. 

There it is. I said it. I like you. 

Maybe this won’t be read anytime soon. Maybe this is just a shout to the void and won’t be heard but my heart longs for you. 
I haven’t felt this way before. I have crushes, but not like this. You’re different. And I like that.