Day 2 of Learning

Babe, I still think about you. About us. About our little love story. Or perhaps, our own story about love.

I read somewhere that when you truly love someone, you would not care about the heartbreak. I guess this is true since I have felt great and immense amount of love for you that even if you have broken my heart, its pieces would still long for you. Say it’s pathetic but isn’t that what we are all going for? To be madly in love and forget the whole world and the shenanigans that comes with it. Because from what I know, love is rarely mutual. So when you find it, grab it. Never let it go. Because when you are happy, why should you care about the past heartaches and the endless possibilities of the future? This is love, kid. And if that’s true love, you don’t throw it away.

You pursue. You thrive. You work hard for it. Life is never easy. So when you find that inspiration, embrace it. Because the universe is unpredictable. And I think I’m fortunate enough to have you in this weird world.

Too bad we’re stuck in being in love. And love, babe, is not that simple. When you love, you commit. We both have to adjust, sacrifice and put effort. Maybe you are not ready today, but I cannot inspire you to love me without knowing what’s the future of us. And in this case, if we really have a future.


11 Ways to Fall in Love with Yourself (Again)

1. Learn that even when bad experiences shut your heart in a cold cage; it does not mean that it will never open again. You are made to love and you are placed exactly where you are to give love.

2. Watch your life as you watch your favorite movie and turn its pages like you turn pages of your favorite book, with eagerness to know what’s next.


3. Write handwritten love notes to the parts of your body that you hate. Know that you’re still blooming and growing, and that’s okay. As Osho said, “Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it and to realize it”.


4. Find comfort in holding your own hand. Date yourself and get to know yourself deeply this time. Stop depending on other people for you to be happy.


5. Do something that scares you every day, no matter how small. Challenge yourself to be better and watch your life change before your eyes.


6. Stop wishing for a perfect life. Stop waiting for a perfect weekend vacation. Today, make your life something that you don’t want to escape from.


7. Life does not come with a manual instruction. Break conventions. Be weird and color outside the lines. Do not limit yourself to what is known. Be a little different from everybody.


8. Look at the veins in your wrists. They are roots and your limbs are the branches. Your body is a strong tree; please do not cut it down.


9. Flip through old photos and reminisce the about past but don’t live there. Let it go because nothing new happens there. You had a bad start? Then end it good.


10. Be the person you want to fall in love with.


11. Let God fill your heart with overflowing love and accept the fact that you are imperfect but with Him, you are the most precious gem in the universe. The world may be a crazy place but it won’t ever be the same without you.



Cheers to you, 2017. 

Here’s to all the heartaches, disappointments and failures I’ve been through this year. At last, goodbye. 

I’m letting go of it all because I am finally accepting that I’m not perfect and I can’t have it all. As much as I want to believe that life is a fairytale, it isn’t. It has all the bumps and turns and holes on the road. Lately, I have been dealing with overflowing thoughts about a lot of things. But here are some of my realizations this year: 

Let life surprise you. This year, I challenged the universe by doing this that I don’t normally do. I resigned from my previous work after being there for three years! And what I have right now is so much better. I miss my friends, tho. But we are all keeping in touch. 

The people you think won’t ever leave you won’t be there forever. Enough said. 

Follow your passion. Being a part of Media Team as a writer for a Catholic gathering is such a blessing. 

Surround yourself with friends who brings out the best in you. 

Take care of your heart. Do not expect, it is a way of dying.  

So long, 2016!!! 

December 20th


Months went by too fast. Time flew by so quickly. Has it been six months since I met you? 

I read a quote awhile back that says when you still got a crush on somebody for more than three months, maybe it’s more than a crush.

So, what do we have here? 
Recently, we hung out a little too much than anybody else. We meet up occasionally with friends. We go to places we’ve never been. We spend time together almost too often. 
It’s not rocket science. You don’t have to be that smart to notice that I like you. 

There it is. I said it. I like you. 

Maybe this won’t be read anytime soon. Maybe this is just a shout to the void and won’t be heard but my heart longs for you. 
I haven’t felt this way before. I have crushes, but not like this. You’re different. And I like that. 

November 2

Maybe there will be nothing more between us. You see me just as a friend, and I- I see you as a galaxy and perhaps, the Milky Way. 

You have the most intriguing brown eyes and I melt each time you look at me. Do you ever hear my heartbeat every time our skins touch? I swear it’s a riot inside me. It drums so loud I could orchestrate a band whenever you’re with me. 

I haven’t been sleeping much lately. My mind is occupied with the idea of you. Some people tell me I should get over the idea of us, but how can I possibly forget someone like you? I could listen to your laugh the whole day and miss you even when you’re around. This love I’m feeling is tricky, it will leave me devastated. 

I will never tell you that I like it when you smile. You lighten up the room and that is a special talent. I will never tell you that I like you. Because I’m afraid of rejections and the possibility that you will just smile at me and that smile will forever be in my mind as a negative picture. 

I’m afraid of heartbreaks. Each time that I think somebody will crush my being, I run. But this moment, I am staying. It’s crazy, I know. You will never look at me like you look at those pretty skies on your way home. You will never talk to me like those people you adore. You will never care for me like you cared for her. 

It’s a sad, sad world.