I feel

Like a flower – picked even before it bloomed
Like a sad summer song, a contradicting noise
Like a love letter never sent
Like a rainy morning on your 24th birthday

Like a planet without its moon
Like Saturn without its rings

Like a lighter without a spark
Like missing a train en route to work

Like an unfinished masterpiece
Like waking up seconds before the alarm rings
Like an army of terrified soldiers
Like reading the last chapter of a good book

Like a silent letter in a word,
always present but never whispered
Like a lost satellite on a vast galaxy
Like a forgotten beautiful shirt at the back of the closet

Like an unopened email
Like a dying protagonist at the beginning of a movie
Like being caught up in a traffic jam
Like wanting to quit a job you’ve been in for years

Like fireworks on a rainy night
Like wrecked lungs filled with butterflies
Like a dot at the end of a sentence
Like a poem with a messy theme

Like writing about what I feel when I don’t feel a thing.


It’s never late to post something about Halloween!

What is halloween?

It’s when you pretend to be somebody nobody have ever seen

Nobody knows who you really are

You could hide everything even your deepest scars.


You wear silky dress to be a princess

Once a year, you want to be the fairest

Frankenstein, zombies and even Dracula-

I would laugh if you pick godzilla!


A trick or treat all over the town

Candies poppin’ like the heads of clowns

Masked by glittering hopes you hide

Away from the night, heavens collide.


Scream all you want, it’s a night to remember

Throw all the problems, hold hands together

Fear no more because you are a new somebody

Tonight is Halloween so scream loudly!