About My Health

The past week was so drenching. I was weak all the time due to shootings and the intense sun burned my skin leaving me tanned. So I spent my weekends relaxing but what happened was worse.

I got stomachache right now and I can’t eat well. My mama said I am possibly suffering from ulcer. Uh, I hate this. Last night around 11:30 I puke so hard and continued for three times around 2:30am. It was so painful that my throat was sore right now. Another thing is that my tongue has sores. Awww. Worse, I got itches all round my body especially at my back and face. My mama thought it was chicken pox but instead, they were insect bites. Where on earth did I get these? T.T

I got redness on my face. I got scars on my chin. I can’t even blog properly because of the itch! And my stomach is aching.

Oh, God help me.